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Conscious markets in the Municipal Market of Kypseli

The 1st Conscious Pop up Market in Kypseli The opportunity for Athenian consumers to get in touch with products that have been created with the authorities ...

"Project Athena": Innovation and technology at the service of the Municipality of Athens, for a clean and accessible city

Microsoft and ATCOM are implementing a pioneering pilot project under the "Adopt Your City" initiative. The evolution of cities into "smart" through technology ...

"Culture is Athens": 4 venues, more than 100 events

Culture is Athens / June - September 2021 Technopolis - Kolonos Theater - Gravas Theater - AB Cinema Music - Theater - Dance The lights of culture "turn on" again and the Municipality of Athens offers a summer ...

A multicultural path in Rozan Park in Exarchia

Meet the tribes of Athens An emerging outdoor exhibition with 5 wooden installation boxes, which highlight the traditions of different cultures through art, music, food and ...

A walk to the Industrial Museum of Gas in Technopolis, with a backpack

The successful interactive tour "A walk in the Museum with a backpack" for families with children aged 4-11 takes place again at the Industrial Gas Museum in ...

Maria Nikolaou

From the newspaper to the radio, with a short stop at the TV.

The beginning was made in 1987 and Athens 9.84 has been the constant since then.

Ioanna Papadimitropoulou

He graduated from the School of Political Science and Public Administration of the Law School of EKPA. He studied language at the Université Paris-Sorbonne and postgraduate studies at Essex University, where he received a Master of Arts in Political Behavior Analysis. She worked, at 902 Left on FM, in the newspapers Eleftheros Typos and Ethnos as editor-in-chief of International Affairs and was the Editor-in-Chief of the Athens News newspaper. In Athens 984 he has been working non-stop since 1991.

Athena Korlira

Athena Korlira has been working for Athena 9,84 since 2005. For the last 12 years she has been in charge of the station's foreign language bulletins and broadcasts. In addition to foreign language bulletins, he specializes in international news, while he has covered many important international events for our station with reports and interviews.
Collaborates with foreign news agencies, such as CNN, BBC and RFI to cover major events in our country that are of international interest.
He has a degree in Economics from Boston University and speaks 3 languages: English, French and Italian.

Dimitris Triantaphyllidis

Dimitris V. Triantaphyllides (1959) has studied Philosophy and Theology and has been working as a journalist for the last thirty years.

Konstantina Kalliantzi

I live in the center and work at the city station having a long-term relationship with him that makes me feel authentic and creative

Vicky Economou

A child from another city who, however, made Athens a "home". Radio was my first big love as he performed baby sitter duties, with my mother letting him "play" over the crib, setting up games in "strategic" places so that I have the illusion that they are talking to me and singing to me and I am not alone. Journalism first caught my attention in adolescence, in a very strange way. On the one hand a documentary about the war correspondents and on the other a project in English, for which we had to create our own newspaper with fantastic interviews by real people. And because in my case the universe probably conspired, a few years later I managed to "marry" my first great love with adolescence and start a long-term relationship with "Athens 9.84", which continues to this day.

Georgina Margariti

I was born in Athens and since I can remember myself - & note that I remember him as an infant - I wanted to do sports. Daughter of an international volleyball referee and mother of a scorer in the same sport, I could not help but play volleyball. The ball became the extension of my hand from an early age. I took my first steps in Panionios while I played in several other teams of the A1, A2 and B national team. After finishing school I worked for a short time as a model and at the same time I finished the school of Grafts fitness and personal training. Anxious spirit, however, that I was always - Aquarius, you see - I wanted to do journalism and especially sports. So I graduated from the school of sports reporting and immediately after that I had the good fortune to work at Teleasty and the Free Press. In 1999 I made my big steps in Athens 9.84 at the beginning in the sports department but then I was won over by the team of the portal where I work until today. And although I no longer play volleyball I dedicate my free time to the greatest loves of my life, my two daughters, my dog, but also running.

Vivianna Vardi

Newspapers, television, but also radio, perhaps the greatest love so far. Somehow I remember almost my whole professional life… Anxiety to catch the printing house, to run the subject, to write the news… And where you think you have the experience from every Media the internet appears in your life… Another way of transportation of the news just as attractive and very decisive. At first unknown, then provocative and now just as beloved as the radio λοιπόν So behind the website of the first radio in the city εται is hidden, for me, the magic of information… in its modern form…

Alexandra Voudouri

Alexandra Voudouri has been working in Athens for 9,84 since 2003. She covers the report of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2005, as well as international issues. As part of Athens 9,84 surveys, he has conducted a series of interviews with European officials and foreign ambassadors to Greece. He has covered European Councils, United Nations General Assemblies, as well as visits by Foreign Ministers and foreign leaders to Greece. He has worked with various international media outlets, including the BBC. He speaks English, Italian and Spanish. He has studied at EKPA and holds a master's degree in Communication & Media (University of Cardiff).

Antonis Karagiannakis

I was born in Canberra, Australia and at the age of eight I was with my family on my island, Casso, where I lived until I was 18 years old. Initially, I studied as a radio operator - Marconi, to travel almost all over the world with Merchant Navy ships.
After the army I built the first FM radio station on the island. "Radio Fantasia". It was the motivation and reason for me to study radio, communication and journalism in New York. There I started working professionally on the expatriate radio Cosmos Fm, as well as other stations in the American big city. Later I am in Athens and the newspaper TA NEA, as well as on Athens International Radio of the Municipality of Athens and then on VIMA FM.
Today I am here, in the city station ATHENS 9,84 and I continue to serve the radio that I always love, as it is the medium that expresses me, while at the same time I am in the team of the station site, for the information of its listeners.
I have a son, Manos and I continue the journey of information, radio and life ...

Thomas Tsarouchas

The magic of journalism has always fascinated me. From a young age I believed that I could somehow change the world. Somewhere in the back of my mind, you want from intuition, you want from strangeness, I thought this space suits me ται

In these critical moments, then, we journalists must reconsider our position and reflect on the enormous responsibilities we have. Towards us, in society, in our homeland.

As ministers of information and guided by the timeless saying, "publishing is the soul of justice", we owe it… to reconsider our attitude and reflect on what we are doing.

Journalism has now entered a new era, with the Internet playing a prominent role in the flow, coverage and transmission of news.

Personally for me, I feel very proud to be and consciously serve the field of journalism, through ATHENS 9.84.

At first the night shift - in which I have been for two years - somewhere bothered me, and I was wondering, now what do I do?

Nothing, this is my job, this is my service and I move on…

Freshwater Crime: The 33-year-old pilot organizes his defensive tactics - What penalties are provided

His defensive tactics are organized by the Security, where the 33-year-old pilot remains detained, who after his shocking confession, is now waiting for ...

M. Tsavousoglou: Greece to stop the challenges

"Greece must stop the challenges and avoid a new escalation, in order for the Athens-Ankara relations to develop further", said the Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlüt ...

Russia: Workers who refuse to be vaccinated will be available

The workers, who will refuse to be vaccinated against Covid-19 in the areas where it is mandatory, will be able to be made available, the minister announced ...

How supermarkets, shops and banks of the Holy Spirit will operate

Shops and supermarkets will be open on Monday of the Holy Spirit, June 21, 2021, while their opening hours will be the same ...

Radio concert: Women songwriters tonight at 21:00

CONCERT ON THE RADIO Tonight at 21:00 WOMEN SINGERS Singers: Elli Paspala Dimitra Selemidou Presented by Margarita Mytilineou and Aristea Giannou And we arrive, hopefully, at the tenth Concert, at the ...

E. Savvidis: One in three companies is in danger of being locked in, so that the government can proceed in time to support them

He made his predictions for the movement in the Greek market during the summer months, speaking in Athens 9.84 and to Giannis Theodosis, the vice-president of Emporikou ...

The fire on the C Αte d'Azur is under partial control

The fire in a forest area near the C σεte d'Azur in the prefecture of Ilia was brought under partial control, as, according to the Fire Brigade, they attempted to ground ...


Sunday cleaning business in Ano Kypseli

In one of the most densely populated neighborhoods of the city, Ano Kypseli, the cleaning team of the Municipality of Athens acted today. The employees of the Cleaning Department ...

Where are free coronavirus tests performed on Sunday 20/6

Today, Sunday, June 20, Mobile Health Teams (KOMY) of the National Organization of Public Health (EODY) will be located in 30 central locations throughout the country, ...

Birthday with reduced admission for the 12 years of operation of the Acropolis Museum

On Sunday, June 20, 2021, the Acropolis Museum closes its 12 years of operation, having gone through its most difficult year, after it remained closed ...

The key to the city of Tirana to the mayor of Athens, Costas Bakoyannis

The key to the city of Tirana was received today by the mayor of the Albanian capital Erion Veliai, the mayor of Athens Costas Bakogiannis, who is ...

Open House Athens returns in June with online tours

The city's favorite architectural festival could not fail to return this year, even online. The online event includes a livestream and ...