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Monday, March 8, 2021



Another "Pocket Park" of 750 sq.m. is ready. in Pagrati

It is the third "Pocket Park" that is completed in Athens and now establishes a new tactic in the use of public space. In an abandoned place ...

Ten years without Miltiadis Evert

The companions and all those who had met him several times in a social and journalistic context, speak of an honest, dynamic and open-hearted man. Others remember ...

Innovathens: Online Discussion on Personal Data Protection 

Online Discussion on Personal Data Protection (GDPR) and Innovation On the occasion of the European Day for the Protection of Personal Data, the non ...

The second "pocket park" in Athens is ready

The second "pocket park" is handed over by the Municipality of Athens to the inhabitants of the city and specifically of Kolonos. A small oasis of greenery in the heart of the neighborhood, ...

Strefi hill is once again a place of walk and recreation

Another emblematic area of ​​Athens, it comes out of lethargy and abandonment. The hill of Strefi that has been connected to the promenade, the ...

A few words about the station:

Athens 9. 84 is the first free radio in the city with a founding date of 31-5-1987, during the City Hall of Miltiadis Evert.

Since then, it has been broadcasting continuously with informative, cultural, economic and sports programs, listening to every season and need of the society and rebroadcasting radio events. It was, is and will be the official station of the capital.

Today, respecting its history, with slow but steady steps Athens 9. 84 renews its identity. It becomes the Radio of the City again. Creates a new program, refreshes his music and songs, combines information with culture, embraces the arts, promotes small and large activities, goes down to the neighborhoods, embraces the efforts and initiatives of groups and individuals in research, innovation, entrepreneurship, society

It has a new logo, adapted music signals and renews all the software and hardware equipment of the studios.

It broadcasts live 20 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Has no playlist (!)

It emphasizes immediate, objective and substantive information and not political comments or personal judgments.

Creates artistic events, musical and theatrical.

It broadcasts interviews (and publishes news) from politicians, academics, specialized professionals but also renowned artists, young creators and performers.

It goes out in the city with weekly shows outside the studio (in Museums, Cultural Centers, Theaters but also in squares, open spaces, schools and Universities).

Hosts celebrities in the studio.

On the last Friday of each month, 11 to 12 in the morning, he gives a microphone to the citizens (who ask) and to the Mayor (who answers)!

Organizes and broadcasts concerts and theatrical performances / lectures.

Gives regular monthly (or double within the month) appointments at the completely renovated theater "Miltiadis Evert" of 9 in Technopolis and, in the presence of listeners, presents one off events that are broadcast live on the Radio.

Collaborates and promotes actions and events of organizations, organizations, museums and independent groups active in the city.

Athens 9. 84 is the Radio of the City.

Tune in!

No. Peloni: Aim to open retail, high schools and lyceums before the end of March

"We anticipate that the retail trade will open before the end of March if the epidemiological data allow it, while the high schools and lyceums ...

Nea Smyrni: The 11 arrested released - A case file was filed for five offenses

The 11 arrested yesterday are brought to justice for five crimes, during the events that took place in Nea Smyrni and the episodes that ...

Anna Diamantopoulou in Athens 9.84 for Women's Day

Athens 9.84, the station of the city, today, International Women's Day, dedicates its entire program to women who are still fighting for ...

Panathinaikos: Proposal from the Romanian Sepsi to Bologna

Laszlo Boloni is very likely to be past the team's bench and the next stage of his career has already been found ...

Coreper: Insufficient data on the side effects of Sputnik V

An official of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) prevents the Member States of the European Union from approving the Russian vaccine against Covid-19 for emergency use ...

Assad and his wife are positive about Covid-19

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his wife Asma are positive about Covid-19, but "their health is good" and their condition ...

Back to classes for English students

The young students in England returned to school today, in the first stage of a gradual exit from the third lockdown that was imposed in January for ...


The first modern women's counseling center from the municipality of Athens

The creation of a modern and model women's counseling center was announced today, World Women's Day, by the Mayor of Athens, Costas Bakogiannis. It's about...

International Women's Day in Athens 9.84

International Women's Day, March 8, marks the daily struggles of women around the world and the ongoing effort to promote their rights. Simultaneously,...

Attack on the offices of the Municipal Police in Pagrati

Unknown people attacked the offices of the Municipal Police in Pagrati on Ymittou Street at 12:20 on Monday afternoon. The perpetrators broke the glass of ...

The metro stations "University" and "Syntagma" are closed

By order of the Greek Police, the Metro stations "Panepistimio" and "Syntagma" remain closed. Metro trains pass without stopping. Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

Voluntary Blood Donation Marathon in Syntagma Metro

The National Blood Donation Center in collaboration with STASY SA, organizes for the first time a Voluntary Blood Donation Marathon in the Multipurpose Hall of the Syntagma Metro, ...