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Employment case - Unemployment in Athens


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Unemployment, the acute social and economic problem that has settled in every neighborhood of the city and threatens to remain for a long time affecting the livelihoods of thousands of people, public finances and the income of insurance funds.

The highest number of unemployed among eight neighboring municipalities is recorded in the municipality of Athens as the unemployed registered in the OAED registers living in the capital reach 69.000.

At the same time, the competent bodies are looking for solutions through the attraction of investments as well as the redesign of local employment programs. Permanent threat, long-term unemployment and danger the so-called "unemployed growth"…

According to the latest data of the Organization, for September, the unemployment in the Central Sector of Athens is as follows:

-The registered in the OAED registers unemployed, amount to 99.482.

-The long term unemployed, ie those who are out of the labor market for at least one year, exceed 50% (57.685).

-Allowance, they receive only 15.918.

It is noted that the other seven are the Municipalities Byron, Galatsi, Daphne, Zografou, Ilioupoli, Kaisariani and New Philadelphia.

Especially for him Municipality of Athens:

At its limits, 68.611 are blocked. That is, 2/3 of the unemployed in the entire Central Sector of Athens of OAED.

The Municipality of Athens is the first and with a big difference in unemployment, from the second area. This is Ilioupoli, where 6.164 unemployed are registered. At this point, we cannot ignore the population difference between the areas we are referring to. In any case, the extent of the phenomenon in Athens remains large. The aim is, through the investigation, mainly of the qualitative characteristics of unemployment, to contribute to finding solutions.

Athens, the highest and by far the number of unemployed in relation to seven neighboring Municipalities. Unemployment is a domino with heavy economic and social consequences. We find it in expert studies on the national economy, which has been hard-tested for many years, but mainly in everyday life. Around us… It is inextricably linked to poverty, wage cuts, and the reduction of tax and insurance revenues. It cannot be tackled piecemeal, nor with employment programs inappropriate in relation to the specificities of the local economy from region to region.

According to the survey data, there are two major risks both for Athens and for the whole territory:

Long-term unemployment, the hard core of untapped human resources and the so-called "unemployed growth" (yes, there is that) that will be explained to us by experts in the following interviews.

This is growth, through investment, which exists, is recorded but takes place in sectors that create limited jobs. In this way, to use a cliché phrase, numbers prosper but not people.

The main goal of the Ministry of Labor is to have more employees with better nominal wages and to accelerate the increase of the minimum wage, while improving the competitiveness of the economy, said the Deputy Minister of Labor, in charge of Social Security Notis Mitarakis, speaking on the show "Stasi ton 2" and Aris Tolios.

For losses in the insurance system

Mr. Mitarakis assessed as a positive element in relation to employment, the gradual de-escalation of unemployment. "Based on ELSTAT data for August 2019, it moves to 16,7% from 18,9 in the corresponding month of 2018." At the same time, he noted that "we are facing the bets of participation in the labor market, the conversion of part-time to full-time and the issue of nominal wages, which were severely affected during the crisis." "We want to accelerate the increase of the minimum wage along with the improvement of the competitiveness of the Greek economy", he stressed characteristically

As the main goal of the Ministry of Labor, the Undersecretary described the existence of more employees with better nominal salaries. As he said, "significant help in this direction will be on the one hand the reduction of insurance contributions, from the summer of 2020, in order to reduce labor costs especially for full-time employment and on the other hand to attract investment."

To inform the unemployed about their reinforcement actions

"The reorganization of OAED is a key government priority, as well as the direction of training the resources of the unemployed in professions that find a response in the labor market. In other words, there is a disharmonious relationship between the skills that the market seeks and those in which the labor market is trained to acquire ", said Mr. Mitarakis.

For the unemployed graduates

Asked about the large number of unemployed graduates, he said that investments create a need for better trained staff, while for the brain drain that occurred, he stressed that it is a powerful weapon of the future economy.

"We are looking at which professions are in demand and we must train the unemployed in them," said the OAED commander, speaking on the show "Dames Spathi" and Eleonora Orfanidou Spyros Protopsaltis. He added that there are positions in technical professions, such as clerks, warehouse workers, waiters and clerks. "We must," he stressed, "make public the 14 programs that are running and offer 55.000 jobs."

Trade: Positive messages and reflection

Η Valia Aranitou Director of the Institute of Commerce and Services of ESEE, speaking on the show "Peri ekirataitou kai Others" and Katerina Papavassiliou, stressed that there is a de-escalation of padlocks in commercial stores in the center of Athens, with the ratio being limited from one to three stores to one in four.

Uptrends are recorded mainly in the historic center and in main shopping streets of the city mainly due to the strengthening of tourism. However, she did not hide her concern about the effects of e-commerce on physical trade.

Unemployment in the first person

It is now a common phenomenon with many extensions. In Greece, labor relations have been deregulated and the list of unemployed is getting longer every day.

Athens 9.84, in the context of research on unemployment, was found at the central branches of OAED, on Stadiou Street, where he recorded personal testimonies of people experiencing the "nightmare", their concerns, as well as their concerns for securing their livelihood. Faces "cloudy" and melancholy were what we saw. Personal stories of unemployed people who demand the inalienable right to work. All skeptical and taciturn. After all, it is difficult for anyone to share their personal problem with a stranger. But behind these sullen faces a common denominator, the nightmare of unemployment. "Things are difficult, but we can not cross our arms and wait," most told us.

Young people full of dreams for a better future, saw everything falling apart around them. Long-term unemployed that many of them have to work for years and see the "dream" of work constantly moving away. Oil painters, cooks, contract workers and other specialties spoke into the microphone of the City Station about how they experience the problem of unemployment, each from his own side.

The head of the OAED branch on Stadiou Street Andreas Konstantinopoulos described the problem of unemployment in the most brilliant way, pointing out that 6.500 people a month are served from there alone. "These are people who have recently lost their jobs, long-term unemployed, refugees and immigrants who have left municipal structures and NGOs and want to get an unemployment card. There is a large volume of people who come to be served and we do our best to serve them ".

In terms of quality data:

The long-term unemployed, in a total of 68.611, reach 39.000. That is, at least one in two. Long-term unemployment is the hard core of unemployment, which from a temporary professional status has become a status and the unemployed into a social group.

It is a pool of stagnant human resources, given that -according to the National Statistical Service- in some cases, in many cases unemployment reaches or exceeds four years.

The other quality characteristics do not deviate from the recording that has been made throughout the territory.

That is:

Six out of ten unemployed are women.
-At least 61% of the unemployed belong to the age group from 30 to 54 years.
-At the level of country of origin, there may be differences from neighborhood to neighborhood of Athens, but as observed in the general data across the territory, a percentage higher than 89% are Greeks.
- Third-country nationals follow and last with a percentage of about 2%, are those from member states of the European Union.

De-escalation of closed stores in Athens

The commercial market of Athens notes significant trends of de-escalation in terms of the percentage of closed stores. In particular, in relation to the previous recording (March 2019) it seems that the closed enterprises decrease by 0,7%, with the percentage of closed ones reaching 25,6% (compared to 26,3%).

More specifically, in the core of the commercial market, in the well-known "Commercial Triangle", it seems that the closed stores are declining to a greater extent compared to the other zones, as compared to the previous record, active entrepreneurship is strengthened by 1,4%. In other words, most of the corrective actions recorded in the wider commercial market of Athens concern the commercial triangle and secondarily the perimeter areas (Stadium-University-Academy).

Below is presented in detail in a table the ratio of closed companies for the entire recording field of Athens in the last seven years, where there is a systematic recording on a semi-annual basis.

Registrations - Deletions of companies Athens

Instead of padlocks, inauguration. The post-historical era of entrepreneurship has already begun, the data speak of an "explosion", but there is much more that needs to be improved for Greece to return for good to the path of development.

According to the data kept in the EEC register, in September 2019 the registrations amounted to 572 and the deletions to 3931. Respectively, in September 2018 483 registrations and 229 deletions were recorded. In total, since the beginning of the year, the registrations rose to 5.364 and the deletions to 2.870.


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