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Monday, November 29, 2021

Attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh: 11 dead and 6 injured the official report


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A gunman shouting "All Jews must die" stormed a Pittsburgh synagogue during a rally today and opened fire on worshipers, killing 11 people and wounding XNUMX, local media reported, citing local security sources. six, including four police officers, before he was arrested.

There are no children among the dead, authorities said.

The Washington Post and the local branch of the CBS network report the death toll of 11.

At the same time, the US President Donald Trump condemned the deadly attack on the Pittsburgh synagogue, noting that "no tolerance" should be shown for anti-Semitism.

"Anti-Semitism and the persecution of Jews represent one of the darkest and most heinous features of human history," said Donald Trump.

"There should be no tolerance for anti-Semitism or any form of religious hatred," he added.

"It's a very horrible crime scene, one of the worst I've ever seen," he said. Pittsburgh Public Security Director Wendell Hisrich in a press conference he gave near the scene of the tragedy.

"Evidence shows that this is a hate crime," the official said.

KDKA television channel, citing police sources, reported that the gunman entered the building and started shouting "All Jews must die."

The perpetrator was arrested, detained and is being treated, official sources said.

Two sources identified the suspect as 46 years old Robert Bowers from Pittsburgh.

The social media used by the perpetrator in Pittsburgh is closed

A social networking site that is popular in the American far-right alt-right and in which the perpetrator of yesterday's massacre in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, USA, posted anti-Semitic messages, announced that he was forced to stop his activities.

Gab, which launched in 2016 on Twitter, announced that Joyent, the company that provided him with Internet access, will stop its services from tomorrow, Monday.

Paypal also announced that it is excluding Gab from its online payment services due to its hate speech on this site.

"Gab will probably be out of service for weeks because of this," the social media accountant reacted on his Twitter account.

"We will continue to fight for freedom of expression and individual freedom on the Internet for all. The big tech companies can't stop us. "Traditional media can not stop us," he said.

Gab's motto, "Everyone is welcome to express themselves freely", cost him the fact that he attracted celebrities from the far right who were unwanted on Twitter.

Shortly after the attack, Gab announced that the name Robert Bowers corresponded to that of a user and that he immediately closed his account.

In the history of Bowers' posts since he joined the media in January, one can see an angry, anti-Semitic man writing messages such as "Everyday Reminder: Multiculturalism means persecuting the last white man."

One month ago, the 46-year-old from Pittsburgh posted photos of his performance while aiming at a shooting range and a collection of three revolvers he called "his glock family" (as the construction company is called).

Bowers is a "non-partisan" voter in Allegini County, Pennsylvania. He also addressed a message against US President Donald Trump, whom he accused of being a proponent of globalization, who did nothing to stop the "invasion." of Jews in the US.

"For the record, I did not vote for him, nor do I own him, I have worn or even touched a hat with the slogan MAGA" (Make America Great Again), used by the President of the United States.

According to an FBI officer, the perpetrator used an AR-15 automatic rifle to carry out the attack.

In a statement, Gab also said he had "zero tolerance" for violence and terrorism and expressed "regret and disgust" at the Pittsburgh massacre.

The Tree of Life Synagogue was founded 150 years ago and is located in the Square Hill district, where the heart of the Jewish community of this city in the state of Pennsylvania beats.

The attack took place while in the US in 2017 there was an increase in anti-Semitic attacks with 1.986 incidents (harassment, vandalism, attacks) this year, an increase of 57% compared to 2016, according to the organization Anti-defamation Leigue. However, violent attacks against Jews are very rare.

29 charges were brought against the perpetrator

Charges of 29 crimes under US federal law have been brought against the perpetrator of the attack, the US Department of Justice announced in a statement.

Among the charges against the gunman, Robert Bowers, are 11 counts of using a firearm to commit murder and 11 counts of obstructing the exercise of the right to religion resulting in the death of believers, according to a statement from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. responsible for the western part of the state of Pennsylvania, where the city of Pittsburgh is located.

The names of the dead from the murderous attack are expected to be announced today

The names of the dead are expected to be announced today, after the most murderous attack ever made against a Jewish community in the USA.

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Pentuto told CBS television station KDKA that when the list of dead bodies was released by federal officials at 09 a.m. local time, "hearts would break," he said. he knew some of the victims.

At the same time, it is possible that the possible motive of the perpetrator will be announced.

Trump: Attack on synagogue has little to do with gun laws

US President Donald Trump today condemned "hatred" in the United States after a gunman opened fire on a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, sowing death before surrendering.

Trump pointed out that it is a terrible, terrible thing what is happening with hatred in our country, "something must be done".

The report will be "more fatal" compared to initial estimates, the head of state told reporters before leaving for a meeting with farmers.


The US president also called for stricter legislation on the death penalty.

"I think one thing we have to do is tighten the laws on guns and the death penalty."

"When people do this kind of thing, they should be sentenced to death."

However, Donald Trump believes that the Pittsburgh shootings have little to do with gun laws. He noted that if there was protection inside the temple the results would be different.

He also stressed that it is an option for all churches and synagogues to have armed guards.

Donald Trump noted that such incidents that have occurred for many years are a disgrace.

Trump will visit Pittsburgh

US President Donald Trump will visit Pittsburgh.

"I'm going to Pittsburgh," Trump told reporters at Murfisborough Airport in Illinois, where he was to address a rally ahead of the Nov. 6 midterm elections.
However, the American president did not specify when exactly he plans to go to Pittsburgh.

The American flags are halfway through October 31

Trump on Saturday night ordered U.S. flags to fly at half-mast until Wednesday after an anti-Semitic attack on a Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, Northeast) synagogue that killed 11 people.

All U.S. flags - in the White House, public buildings, camps, naval bases and warships - will be flown at half-mast until Oct. 31 to pay tribute to the victims, President Trump has ordered.

Donald Trump is considering canceling a rally in Illinois. Mike Pence denounces an "attack" on religious freedom

Donald Trump has said he is considering canceling a rally scheduled for today in Illinois following a deadly gun attack on a Pittsburgh synagogue.

"We are considering it," the US president said in statements from the presidential aircraft Air Force One, regarding the possibility of canceling the rally in Murfisborough, Illinois, which was scheduled for 16.30 local time (00.30 Greek time Sunday).

For his part, US Vice President Mike Pompeo condemned an "attack" on religious freedom following the Pittsburgh massacre.

"What happened in Pittsburgh today was not just criminal, it was diabolical," he said in a televised address.

It was "an attack on innocent Americans and an attack on our religious freedom," he said.

Ivanka Trump: America is "stronger" than the actions of a "dogmatic anti-Semite"

America is "stronger" than the actions of a "perverted and dogmatic anti-Semite," said the daughter of US President Ivanka Trump, who has embraced Judaism, in the wake of the deadly armed attack today on a synagogue in Pittsburgh.

"All good Americans stand with the Jewish people to oppose terrorism and share the terror, disgust and resentment following the Pittsburgh massacre," Ivanka Trump wrote on Twitter.

"We must unite against hatred and evil."

Merkel-Macron support

The Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel condemned today "blind anti-Semitic hatred".

"We must stand up resolutely against anti-Semitism. "Everywhere," the German chancellor said in a brief Twitter post by a German government spokeswoman.

For his part, the President of France Emmanuel Makron made the following statement:

"I want to express my sorrow and my support for the American people."

Pittsburgh officials speak of "one of the worst crime scenes he has ever seen"

Pittsburgh Public Security Officer Wendell Hsric told reporters about today's armed attack on the synagogue that it was "one of the worst crime scenes he has ever seen".

According to him, "the scene is very bad inside the synagogue, there are many dead".

The official also said that the perpetrator was taken to the hospital, while he refused to comment on the identity of the suspect.

Wendell Hisric spoke of six injured, four of whom were police officers.

He stressed that there is no other threat to the community.

The FBI will lead the investigation into the gun attack.

The FBI believes that the perpetrator acted alone

FBI Agent Bob Jones said in a press conference that the gunman's attack on the Pittsburgh synagogue was an act of hatred, adding that US federal police believed at the time that the perpetrator had acted alone. .

"We had no idea he was known to law enforcement before today," Jones said.

According to him, the gunman used an automatic rifle and three revolvers in the attack.

The FBI agent described that the perpetrator entered the synagogue, killed the worshipers and while leaving he met with a police officer.

The suspect remains in hospital with his health condition considered good. He has bullet wounds, according to Pittsburgh Public Health Director Wendell Hisrich.


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