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Friday, November 26, 2021

Christoforos Bernardakis: "The government can not hide from the problem of Moria"


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The Minister of State responsible for the coordination of the government project Christoforos Bernardakis, he spoke in Athens 9.84 and in the show "Stasi ton 2" with Aris Tolios.




Christof Bernardakis: "It's a very serious problem and its management is extremely difficult. Although superhuman efforts have been made we have not gotten a good grade. But we are constantly on the move to find solutions. Refugees are a very difficult problem over time, because we have constant entry into the country. It is not only the responsibility of the government, but also of the institutional framework. But do not hide behind our finger. The government obviously should not hide here, although the refugee has been managed to a large extent in the best possible way and despite the timeless problems that have arisen, especially in Moria. Let us not forget that refugee management is a co-responsibility as other bodies such as NGOs and European mechanisms are involved. The day before yesterday, a special meeting was held in Maximou and very important initiatives are expected in the next period. It is something that burns us, really. "

Aris Tolios: Since you mentioned the NGOs, there was great discomfort from the government because the main volume of EU funding went through NGOs. I do not know if the Europeans did well, but the Commission's inquiry is primarily about funds for the Greek government.

Christof.Vernardakis: "I do not know the subject well, but it is a fact that in this story I do not think there are such responsibilities on the part of the government. But certainly all funding mechanisms and funding controls have many dark spots. "

Aris Tolios: You know, I ask this, because Mr. Kamenos was criticized, for example, for his refugee policy and a spontaneous procedure was initiated, but it seems that the food funds that were primarily moved through the Ministry of National Defense, have an issue. Therefore, he was rightly criticized for responsibilities to the refugee

Christof. Bernardakis: "I think the criticism was a bit unfair because The armed forces do not have the main responsibility, but they have offered important work - in the alternative - and so it had to be done, due to their increased operational capability. The Ministry of the Interior has not managed large sums, has managed little and has said much more. Now, what you are obviously implying about the conflict, I understand and I maintain my reservations, that when one accepts criticism, one should have .. "

Aris Tolios: Forgive me, but here we are dealing with a broader institutional issue, whether this process is compatible with the atmosphere of the Constitution, the climate, the democracy that we have built in the post-colonial period in matters of crimes through the press..

Christof Bernardakis: "In the first place, it is we who have abolished all genocidal provisions that have restricted freedom of expression. Secondly, I would agree that anyone who exercises public power is, and should be, exposed to criticism, no matter how serious. But it is a fact that somewhere here some limits have been exceeded and I believe that we should all restrain ourselves in all events. "

Aris Tolios: The crisis of credibility concerns us all, I agree. However, an institutional intervention may be needed, and I say that because I also heard it from Mr. Mitsotakis, so that there is no spontaneous procedure in press offenses.

Christof Bernardakis: "Whether there should be some control provisions or some ethics and self-regulation provisions and how the State should regulate it is a huge issue. I honestly do not have a clear opinion, but I notice that parts of the public debate and criticism that take place are… Many times we have started and overcome this issue. We are experiencing a transition from criticism to a kind of personal attack that is no longer done in a political way, but in a way that kills characters and is an issue that I think needs to be discussed. ”


Aris Tolios: The attack against the SYRIZA MP is another poisonous symptom in Greece of the crisis. All parties have condemned it and this is a positive prisoner if nothing else.

Christof Bernardakis: "Unanimous condemnation is obviously a positive thing and I think it goes without saying. Forty people attacking someone almost armed, with murder tools is something irrational and completely condemnable. The problem, however, is that it is recurring and the issue needs to be mobilized more by the police and the political forces. Konstantineas is coming after Boutaris, after the youth in Perama, after Fyssas, after extrajudicial threats against MPs. "

Aris Tolios: This approach does not hide a single one mea culpa for the state of SYRIZA as an opposition; It was a behavior you slipped into. Was this behavior wrong?

Christof Bernardakis: “I'm glad you don't equate it. SYRIZA has never slipped into armed groups attacking anyone, either an MP or an ordinary citizen. The political criticism is different, which can often be harsh - the slogan "we end them or they end us" had to do with the financial crisis and the memoranda and not with personal attacks. The egg in the cutlet - as you said - is a process and a practice that has existed for many years now and not only in Greece, but everywhere. He was never identified with criminal activity. Well-known politicians abroad have also eaten yogurt and eggs and have never been identified with criminal activity. Personally, I have never done it, nor do I like to do it. SYRIZA has never legalized practices of individual violence. It's clear. It is not right to equate the indignant demonstrations with groups of parastatals hiding the crowds in basements. It is a practice that was followed in the 1960s. We remember the Kotzamani era, we lived through the attack on Boutari.We are talking about armed paramilitaries who obviously have a foothold somewhere. ”

Aris Tolios: I clarified it from the beginning but I say if at this moment SYRIZA with the realism of its policy as a power now has to think things from the way it was governed as an opposition

Christof Bernardakis: "He has to think, but not at this level. He has to think at the level of his management, at the level of ideological references, but by no means can I equate mass demonstrations with individual challenges. The movement has never done such things and that is if you want the Left to criticize terrorist organizations and the actions that took place. The Left has never accepted such individual attacks. ”

Aris Tolios : Is this, along with other issues, an occasion for a more neurotic political approach to things? Through consensual procedures to find what is wrong and to denervate this civil war atmosphere that was cultivated in the crisis?

Christof Bernardakis: "Yes. But it is not only a symptom of today, it is more general. It is that we have often cut off the causes from the effects of policies. It takes a culture and a level of political public debate that we need to rediscover. We can disagree and clash on this, but on political plans. The major result of this crisis is that ideologies have been released, syndromes of excessive individualism that live in the doctrine of your death, my life. That is what has sustained the return of the far right with very serious social references throughout Europe. "


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