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Pasolini, the great heretic in the Greek Film Archive


Municipality of Athens: 14 new electronic services available to citizens

The total number of digital services of the Municipality of Athens now stands at 118 after the addition of 14 new ones, which are available as of today ...

Start School of Business in Serafio-Free digital education in 45 companies in Athens

A total of 45 small and medium enterprises operating within the borders of the Municipality of Athens have the opportunity to participate for free in the Start School of Business, ...

The face of the University changes with plane trees and marbles

The planters, the benches and the palm trees on Panepistimiou Street will be a thing of the past in a few days as the Municipal Council "turned on" the green light ...

In Pagrati the first public Japanese Garden in Greece

The Municipality of Athens created the first public Japanese Garden in Greece in the Nereid Park in Pagrati, just behind the building of the National Gallery ....

The 8th "pocket" park in Patisia is ready

Athens acquires another upgraded green space, this time in Patissia. Expanding the network of "pocket" parks in the neighborhoods of the capital, the Municipality ...

A large, retrospective film tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini is organized by the Greek Film Archive together with the Italian Embassy in Greece and the Italian Educational Institute in Athens, with the support of the Istituto Luce Cinecittà (Rome) and the Cineteca di Bologna.

The screenings will take place on September 12-20 at the Lais Summer Cinema.

"It is important not to forget that Pier Paolo Pasolini was first and foremost a writer and poet, even a translator into ancient Greek, an intellectual." clarifies the Director of the Italian Educational Institute of Athens Dr. Monica Zecca highlighting all aspects of his personality.

"He was really a personality that could not be limited to one area. In his films, Pasolini dealt with the issue of power, violence, life in its harshest forms. Unfortunately, these issues are still relevant, they are related to man himself. And that is why he loved ancient Greek tragedies so much. He found there the same problems that occupied him, that he encountered in his daily life ".

Maria Callas on stage in Medea (Medea, 1969)

For the first time the whole of his work

The public, for the first time in Greece, will have the opportunity to enjoy full filmography of the director (17 films) through new copies of his 35mm film, printed by Luce Cinecittà and Cineteca di Bologna. The films (15 feature films, 2 short films as well as omitted from two of his films) will be screened with Greek and English subtitles.

"And in Italy it is not so easy to be able to approach all of Pasolini's work. There are difficulties with the copies, the cinemas have other options and a whole tribute with all the films is something that is quite rare even in Italy " notes the Dr. Monica Zecca.

The films will be screened:

Ακατόνε (Accattone, 1961), Mama Roma (Mamma Roma, 1962), Pasolini's rage (La Rabbia, 1963), Erotic encounters (Comizi d'amore, 1964), The Gospel of Matthew (Il Vangelo secondo Matteo, 1964), Vultures and birds (Uccellacci e uccellini, 1966), King Oedipus (Oedipus, 1967), Theorem (Theorem, 1968), Pigsty (Porcile, 1969), Medea (Medea, 1969), Notes on an African Oresteia (Appunti per un 'Orestiade Africana, 1970), The Ten Days (The Decameron, 1971), The legends of Canterbury (I racconti di Canterbury, 1972), One thousand and one nights (Il Fiore delle Mille e una notte, 1974), Salo or 120 days in Sodom (Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma, 1975).

Both short films:

The cheese (La Ricotta, 1962-63), an episode of the modular film Rogopag, directed by Rossellini - Godard - Pasolini - Gregoretti and

What are clouds? (Che cosa sono le nuvole ?, 1967) episode of the modular film Capriccio all'italiana directed by Monicelli - Pasolini - Bolognini - Steno - Pino Zac- Rossi

The program also includes omissions of Pasolini films, as some excerpts from the final copy of Ornias and Birds (Toto in the circus -Totò al circo, 1965-66) and One Thousand and One Nights (Anecdotes -Inediti) will be shown. , 1973-74).

It is worth noting that Pasolini's rage will be screened for the first time in Greece (The rabbi of Pasolini). This is the new 80-minute version of what used to be known as Rage (La rabbia), a two-part film commentary from the 60s by two diametrically opposed Italian intellectuals: the left-wing Pasolini and pro-monarchist journalist and cartoonist Giovanni Guareschi. In 2008, Giuseppe Bertolucci, in collaboration with the Bologna Film Library, restored the first part of Pasolini, creating an autonomous feature film.

Parallel photo exhibition of his close associate, Roberto Villa

The exhibition Roberto Villa, The East of Pier Paolo Pasolini  hosted by 13 to 27 September, at the Cinema Museum, at the Greek Film Archive.

"We have chosen the photos that bring Pasolini close to the viewer first of all, but also those that highlight the view of the surrounding area given by Villa. And it's a very nice look that takes us elsewhere. It brings us in there. There were over 300 photos, we could not put them all but there is the possibility to see a video with all the work of Villa. It's a testament to Pasolini, his personality and the way he acted on set behind the cameras. " states the Dr. Monica Zecca.

Detailed screening program

FOURTH 12 / 09

20.15 Vultures and birds -Uccellacci and uccellini 1965-66, 89 ′

Toto in the circus -Totò al circo 1965-66, 8 ′

Foreword by Pasolini's collaborator and protagonist of the film Ninetto Davoli.

Following is a discussion with the public.

Entrance with invitations

FIFTH 13 / 09

19.30 Opening of the exhibition The East of Pier Paolo Pasolini

20.30 A thousand and one nights -Il fiore delle Mille e una notte 1973-74, 129 ′

Jokes -Inediti 1973-74, 19 ′

Foreword by writer and film critic Tassos Goudelis.

This is followed by a discussion with the audience and Ninetto Davoli, a collaborator of Pasolini and

actor and Roberto Villa, film photographer of the film One Thousand and One Nights


20.00 Medea- Medea 1969, 110 ′

Foreword by the director Antoinette Angelidi

22.15 The cheese -La Ricotta 1962-63, 35 ′

Notes on an African Orestia Appunti per un'Orestiade Africana, 1968-73, 73 ′

Foreword by theorist, film critic and director Nikos Savvatis

SATURDAY 15 / 09

20.00 King Oedipus -Edipo Re 1967, 104 ′

Foreword by Professor Giagos Andreadis on the subject of transferring tragedy to the screen

by Pasolini

22.15 The Gospel of Matthew -Il Vangelo secondo Matteo 1964, 137 ′

Foreword by the director Costas Aristopoulos

SUNDAY 16 / 09

19.45 Salo or 120 days in Sodom -Salò or the 120 days of Sodom 1975, 114 ′

Foreword by director Menelaos Karamaggiolis and Professor Myrto Rigou

22.15 Rooms -Porcile 1969, 98 ′

Foreword by the director of the Art Theater Marianna Kalbari

MONDAY 17 / 09

20.00 Theorem 1968, 105 ′

Foreword by the director-screenwriter Panagiotis Evangelidis

22.15 What is the clouds? - Che cosa sono le nuvole? 1967, 22 ′

The rage of Pasolini -La rabbia di Pasolini 1963, 81 ′

THREE 18 / 09

20.00 Erotic encounters -Comizi d 'amore 1964, 90 ′

Foreword by Professor Maria Komninou

22.15 Vultures and birds- Uccellacci e uccellini 1965-66, 89 ′ (E)

Toto in the circus - Totò al circo 1965-66, 8 ′ (E)

FOURTH 19 / 09

20.00 Accatone 1961, 117 ′

Foreword by the author Maria Gavala

22.15 The Decade - Il Decameron 1971, 111 ′

Foreword by film historian Giannis Soldatos

FIFTH 20 / 09

20.00 The legends of Canterbury -I racconti di Canterbury 1972, 123 ′

22.15 Mama Roma -Mamma Roma 1962, 111 ′ (moderate copy)

Foreword by film critic Giannis Zoumboulakis

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The Metro stations opened - "Megaro Mousikis" station is closed tomorrow Sunday from 12 noon

The metro stations "Panepistimio", "Syntagma" and "Monastiraki" were opened, which were closed from noon due to security measures for the visit of ...

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