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Friday, September 24, 2021

A new beginning for the Job Center of the Municipality of Athens


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"Together we make the new beginning" is the slogan of the Job Center of the Municipality of Athens, which closed a year of pilot operation and continues making a new beginning in its own course. It is now being upgraded and integrated in the structures of the municipality and specifically in the service of the Community Center.

74 people found work

74 people found work during the first year of operation of the Job Center of the Municipality of Athens and 213 people are in the process of professional reintegration. The Job Center that was created for the first time in Greece on its initiative British American Tobacco aims to reintegrate vulnerable social groups into the labor market. The Center started with the people who live in Social Housing of the Municipality of Athens and soon extended to other social groups that use the social services of the municipality.


The beneficiaries

At results evaluation event, held at the City Hall were symbolically awarded some beneficiaries of the Job Center. The people of the Center were very happy, however, those who were absent, because they were working.

"I have not found a job yet but I have found myself since I went to the job Center" declares, taking her prize, one young mother from Bulgaria, who attended Greek lessons at the Center.

He also attended Greek language courses 72-year-old African-American, former homeless who lives in a municipal hostel and works as a volunteer at the Job Center "I went to the Center for my children to find work. Today my eldest daughter works. I entered the building of Agios Konstantinos 14 and met her Ms. Chara Roufa in charge of the operation and I found the joy " says characteristically. "It simply came to our notice then. Listen to my story. "I thought there are people who want to help, there is love."

The Center should continue to exist "Even if the mayor changes" asked one of the 45 graduates of the Greek, English and computer programs.

Joseph of Egypt confessed how "In Greece and at the Job Center he found the smile that does not need translation goes straight from one heart to another."


The Job Center provides:

• Individual meetings with employment counselors and social workers
• Psychosocial support groups
• Experiential Training Workshops
• Cooperation with potential employers, employment agencies, social agencies, etc. for the possibility of employment of those who meet the requirements set.

Holistic model

"We consider it very important that these people complete the social solidarity program with their professional reintegration" she tells him Athens 9.84 Maria Stratigaki Deputy Mayor for Social Solidarity, Welfare & Equality. "Social solidarity alone is not an integrated social intervention.
The first year of operation of the Center is due to the sponsorship of British American Tobacco. "Now we continue with the same forces and aim to upgrade it with EU funds through the NSRF for the next three years."

"Our mission is to activate these people in every way possible" points out Elisabeth Georgiou scientific director of the Job Center. "Through a holistic model of mobilizing and supporting them, all the way, from search to adaptation. The first step is to find a job but the next is to keep it. We cooperate with employers for cleaning services, for security services, for the care of the elderly ".


Days and hours of operation: Tuesday & Thursday, 10:00 - 16:00
Contact: 210 5210624
695 1006496
[email protected]
(except holidays)

Kalliopi Aslanidou

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