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Friday, October 22, 2021

The hidden beauty of Patission


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"Walking in Patision / I will stumble upon love / It will be a penny hole / no one will pick it up / I will take a chain / I will hang it around my neck", wrote in 1980 George Ioannou.

Athens 9.84 walking in Patision "stumbled" in a garden with 700 wonderful plants, that coexist harmoniously with works of art of incomparable beauty. A combined panorama of nature and ancient art.

It's about it renewed atrium of the National Archaeological Museum, an oasis of coolness and aesthetic pleasure for Athenians and visitors to the city.



The brown

Leaving Patision behind you, entering the Museum and then the atrium, due to the contrast with the noisy and busy street of the capital, the feeling of peace overwhelms you, magnified. Immediately after you can enjoy the beneficial effect of Ancient Greek Culture and your coffee.

There is a small and simple cafe surrounded by statues and mosaics, offering the visitor an ideal corner of relaxation. It also hosts various exhibitions of artists and concerts. Admission to the cafe is free.


700 plants

Itamos, acanthus, ivy, boxwood, angelica, water lilies, elver, olives, cypresses are some of the 700 plants that the garden has, which to note is small, and some of them are renewed according to the season, offering a feast of colors.

The patio was full of tourists and schoolchildren from European countries. Everyone was impressed not only with the Museum and its exhibits but also with the garden.



The renewal

The renewal and transformation of the garden, which is inspired by the peristyle courtyards of antiquity, took place on the occasion of the celebrations of the Museum for the 150th anniversary of its foundation and was implemented in the summer. 2016, thanks to her kind sponsorship JT International Hellas in collaboration with the landscape architecture company Ecoscapes.


We leave the Museum garden with regret and go out again in fact of Patission.


Kalliopi Aslanidou

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