How we started: The foreign language program of Athina 9.84 FM started as “Athens International Radio 104.4 FM” and was set up in the summer of 2004, an initiative of former Athens Mayor Dora Bacoyannis. It began as the means to cater for the many visitors converging on Athens for the Olympic Games. It began life as a three – month project, but it finally evolved to a new “radio” voice for the City of Athens.

Our first day: The first locally-produced broadcast took place in English at 2pm on Monday July 5, the day after Greece won Euro 2004 in Lisbon. During the course of that week, AIR 104.4fm also began broadcasting in 11 other languages.

Today: The foreign language program, that is today an important part of Athina 9.84, lasted longer than the three months originally intended by the Municipality of Athens. It continues to broadcast its program via internet and through the frequency of Athina 9.84, always with the support of all Mayors of the City of Athens.
The foreign language program operates today as a thriving news outlet, covering Greek, Balkan and European news. With its links to the BBC, RFI and Deutsche Welle, it also covers live events of global interest. It further offers cultural, social and sports coverage and regularly interviews with the people at the center of the news. It has also broken stories which have subsequently made their way into the mainstream Greek and international media.

Our vision: In its short history, our program has changed a lot. Not only is it catering for the needs of visitors of Athens, but has become to a state-of-the-art internet station which informs both Greeks and foreigners, which “touches” with great sensitivity issues related to immigrants and gives “voice” to the immigrant communities that reside and work in our city.

1st Forum of European City Radios: In October 2008, our station organized the 1st Forum of European City Radios. In this forum 25 city radios from all over Europe had an opportunity to exchange views on issues related to radios and our modern times.

Together: In our effort, we consider important the aid and support of all the communities, embassies, NGO s, as well as government officials that are interested in social and cultural issues.

Languages: The foreign language program now broadcasts in 8 different languages. These are: English, French, German, Arabic, Albanian, Russian, Polish and Romanian. Our plan is to expand our program in other languages.

Internet: The foreign language program broadcasts via internet.