Iran demonstrations continue, at least 13 killed since Sunday

At least 12 people have died in clashes between protesters and security guards in Iran since protests erupted across the country last week, officials said on Monday, as an intervention by the president failed to quell public anger.

Protesters defied warnings by the authorities to stay away or be confronted with an “iron fist” as demonstrations, in scenes that are increasingly becoming violent, continued on Sunday evening for the fourth day, hours after the Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, acknowledged discontent.

The demonstrations began on Thursday after opponents of the moderate president gathered in north-eastern Iran, but soon spread nationwide, escalating from initial demands over economic grievances and taking on a political dimension.

The biggest wave of protests to hit Iran in almost a decade has backed the country’s leaders into a corner, and the Trump administration is increasing the pressure by threatening fresh sanctions if the government forcefully cracks down on the demonstrations.

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